St. Anthony of Padua


Welcome to the parish of St Anthony of Padua. We are part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lancaster, serving a community in Fulwood, north Preston. We are linked with the parish of Holy Family in Ingol.

Where to find us

Cadley Causeway, Fulwood, Preston. PR2 3RX


Presbytery: Cadley Causeway, Fulwood, Preston. PR2 3RX
tel 01772 725193     e-mail stanthonyholyfamily@gmail.com

Sunday Mass: 6pm (Saturday vigil) and 9.30am
Weekdays: Mon-Wed, Fri: 9.15am (Thurs: 9.15 at Holy Family)
Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturday 5.30-5.50pm
Telephone numbers
Parish Centre: 735963   Primary School: 726621
Annexe: 725544          Playgroup/Preschool: 07963 700591

Live Streaming

We live stream Mass. Head over to our YouTube channel and take a look.

Parish Clergy

Fr Peter Draper

Tel: 01772 725 193

Parish Vision

Our vision is for a community of equals which aims to love God and to love our neighbour:
with all our HEART, in the welcome and care we show to all,
with all our SOUL, in the way we worship,
with all our STRENGTH, in the way we use our gifts for the good of others,
with all our MIND, in the way we bring the message of the Gospel to all those around us.